For over 40 years, Our Fabric group have stood along in bringing Quality and Innovations to textile and garment industry, offering a dazzling range of products and services of dyed yarn, fabric, garments around the world, adding a touch of magic to people's lives. Fountain Set plays a key role in manufacturing yarn, fabric and garments in the supply chain.

The quality of our products to satisfy the ever-changing needs and tastes of today's consumers. To guarantee that our customers are always served with top rate services, we also provide professional training to our staff to constantly upgrade the quality of their services and their proficiency of professional knowledge.


Compare to traditional materials, our yarns has a significantly higher value than that of Conventional ring yarn. This feature has an especially good effect in knitting, where elasticity and elon­gation at break are features of substan­tial importance.

Our fabric have better performance on tenacity, elongation at break, degree of elastic­ity, mass irregularity, yarn faults, and hairiness. We promise to bring the best cotton to customer in spite of the production costs are higher because of the rela­tively high prices of compact spinning frame